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Financial planning, investment management and retirement planning can be daunting and confusing


We love to help you make these matters clear and provide the steps to a beautiful financial future.

We use a Financial Life Planning approach

Quantitative knowledge is only half of the value provided. The other half is qualitative. We connect your money to your life. And, as a bilingual, Japanese and English speaking office, we bridge the gap for expats and mixed nationality partners and couples to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of their financial plans and tax obligations.

For some this is very important. We speak Japanese fluently and understand Japanese cultures and values, providing solutions for people who don’t fully understand the US Financial system and educating our clients to make better-informed decisions.


This is where I have a 15 minutes call to see if we are good fit.

Get Started

Step 1


Offering personalized financial advice requires that we get to know you. Our first step is to get acquainted with your values, goals and priorities, establishing trust and opening the lines of communication.

Step 2


Now that we’re more acquainted, we want to truly know your perspectives, gaining the awareness of your unique frame of reference. We listen, identify your values and clarify your priorities.

Step 3


We’ve gained a clearer picture and now it’s time to get excited. We’ll lay the foundation of a financial plan that aligns with your values, priorities and financial needs.

Step 4


With the plan created, we clarify and demonstrate how the plans support your life goals and the vision for your future.

Step 5


Once implemented, we pay careful attention to the ongoing progress of the plan and the alignment with your goals. We address newly arisen concerns and help maintain focus and enthusiasm for your personal and financial aims.

We use a holistic process that puts your interests first and focuses on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. Initially, this process will help you to clarify your values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations; and then guide you in defining and designing your unique version of the “rich life.” In addition, True Wealth Planning will increase your understanding of the habits and attitudes that will facilitate your financial and life goals and support successful life transitions.

How the process works time wise

We do not take on new clients during this time. Please join the wait list and we look forward to connecting in May.

Prospect Form

Clear and precise. Our unique 1-5 step-by-step initiation process will make sure we are a great fit and create a dynamic financial partnership for years to come.

For Existing Clients
FEB – APRIL:​ Tax Return Preparation and Review

MAY – JUNE: Bi-Annual Financial planning meetings

OCT – NOV: Bi-Annual Financial planning meetings

We believe in supporting clients with sophisticated yet simple investment strategies based on research, experience and sound rationale rather than speculation or guesswork.

We start with the belief that markets are efficient and work in the long term. We believe in diversifying in all asset categories and classes with an eye towards risk and costs.

Leveraging decades of collective experience and research, we develop portfolios which are logical and understandable, creating scenarios which instill confidence and promote long-term engagement.

We believe in maintaining cost-effective and globally diverse portfolios including developed, emerging and (to a limited degree) frontier markets.

Bonds are a primary and widely-accepted means to moderate portfolio volatility. A diversified portfolio of government, corporate, and in some cases municipal bonds can provide a total return greater than that of inflation, and can, in times of stock market stress, provide a necessary investment haven.

We accommodate tax-efficiency by maintaining broadly-diversified funds which cover entire categories, reduce turnover and, ideally reduce tax burdens.

Our Pricing

Fees typically start at: 

$900/quarter ($3,600/year) for individuals

$1,200/quarter ($4,800/year) for married couples

A one-time set-up fee applies for all new clients or former clients whose association has been longer than one year.

All fees are paid on the first day of each fiscal quarter, by ACH or credit card, depending upon client preference.

Our Financial Life Planning Services rates will vary depending on complexity.

Investment Management

Our annual investment management fees are based on a percentage of the total assets under management (AUM).

Account Value/AUM
Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $1,000,000
$1,000,001 – $5,000,000
$5,000,001 – $10,000,000
$10,000,000 and Above

For clients participating in our Investment Management Services with $750,000 or more in AUM, Financial Life Planning will be provided at no additional charge.
For clients participating in our Investment Management Services with $1,000,000 or more in AUM, tax preparation services will be provided at no additional charge or at a discounted rate depending on the complexity of the client’s tax situation through Hara Yoshida Accounting.

Tax Accounting

We know many clients experience wasted time, energy and money struggling with tax preparation. After witnessing these struggles through years of accounting practice, we know clients need more than just tax return preparation. They need a CPA firm that respects their situation, resolves issues, is available for advice and provides holistic planning solutions.

If you are looking to better understand your tax situation, resolve tax problems or require comprehensive tax planning, we’re here to help. We are more than just CPAs, we are trusted partners to businesses and individuals seeking clarity on their returns and tax obligations.

We help you define and design your unique vision and version of a rich life.