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Retirement and Financial Solutions for Japanese Americans

Find Harmony With Your Life and Your Finances

Yoshida Wealth Management uncovers your unique values and priorities to develop a harmonious framework between your financial plans and your life goals.

We offer services for expatriates, dual-citizens or Japanese nationals working and living in the United States, communicating the often complex US tax and financial planning guidelines in your native language and guiding you to desirable financial futures. For our clients aged 50 or older, we speclialize in maximized, tax-sensitive retirement planning solutions.

Wealth Management

As independent fiduciaries, we are looking to be your true financial partner. We listen, clarify goals and develop financial plans and investment strategies designed for long-term and sustained success. 

• Comprehensive Financial Planning 

• Investment Management

• Retirement Planning

Accounting Services

We are more than just accounting services. We are your legacy tax resource, providing solutions to your unique tax situation and the complexities of US tax codes and regulations.

• Individual and Corporate Tax Returns 

• Bookkeeping and Payroll

• Specializing in Cross-Border Tax Solutions for Japanese Nationals

Meet Narumi

Early in life I understood that people’s problems most often come down to three things, health, relationships or money. Of the three, I found that I could have the greatest influence, the most positive impact helping people with money. From this, I focused my studies in Accounting, graduating from Baruch College in New York. After graduation, I began my career working with Edward Hara of the offices of George Y. Hara, eventually taking over the firm as Hara Yoshida Accounting.

As an accountant in the offices of George Y. Hara I found that clients needed so much more than just tax accounting services. Clients often called our offices for financial advice or when times of financial uncertainty strike. Of the types of financial planning, I found that being an independent, fee-only fiduciary was the way I could serve clients without conflicts of interest. This is the spark that led to the founding of Yoshida Wealth Management, Inc.

Why I operate as an independent fiduciary and tax accountant is simple. I want to help people thrive.