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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax”

– Albert Einstein

At Hara Yoshida Accounting, we offer three main services, taxes, bookkeeping and payroll. These are the foundations of any successful business. They are also unique to every business.

At Hara Yoshida Accounting, we offer three main services, taxes, bookkeeping and payroll. These are the foundations of any successful business. They are also unique to every business.

New clients often come to us exasperated, frustrated and confused. They’ve wasted time and energy struggling unnecessarily with the complexities of tax preparation and US tax codes. At Hara Yoshida Accounting, we know that you deserve better and, after more than forty years practicing accounting in New York, we provide better.

If you are looking to better understand your tax situation, resolve tax problems or require comprehensive tax planning, we’re here to help. We are more than just CPAs, we are trusted partners to businesses and individuals seeking clarity on their returns and tax obligations.

We offer particular expertise and insights for individuals and corporate business owners looking to comply with foreign asset requirements, understand cross-border tax strategies for families in the US and Japan and Japan-US tax treaties. We advise on US tax treatments for Japanese citizens, find tax and accounting resources in Japan for Japanese tax filing requirements, or consult on business, taxes, bookkeeping and payroll requirements for starting businesses in the US. We can inform, advise and streamline your compliance and accounting needs to meet the multi-national needs of individuals or businesses, providing services in both Japanese and English.

Detailed List of Services

• Tax preparation for Individuals, Sole proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, S-corporation and/or C-corporation

• Gift and Estate Taxes, Estate Taxes for Non-Residents

• Expatriation Tax (Exit Tax) and Pre-Arrival Tax Planning

• Cross-Border Tax Planning for Global Families in the US and Japan

  • Foreign Nationals in the US
  • American Citizens and Permanent Residents Living in Japan
  • Foreign Nationals with Assets in the US

• Tax Management and Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Business Ownership

• Tax Planning and Consultations for Real Estate Investing, Stock-Based Compensation and Inheritance

• Tax Efficiency and Diversification for Retirement (Pension, Qualified Account and Social Security Income)

• FBAR – IRS Offshore and Foreign Disclosure/Compliance Matters

• US-Japan Tax Treaty

• Obtaining ITINs

• IRS Audit and Representation

• Other Tax Services such as Sales Tax Service

• Full Bookkeeping for Start-Ups and Businesses

• Monthly Reconciliations, Close your Books, and Generating Reports for Management and Upper Levels

• Quarterly and Annual Bookkeeping Review

• QuickBooks Training and Initial Set Up (Online and Desktop)

• Preparing Financial Statements (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

• Corporate Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis

• Clean up Chart of Accounts and Books

• Mid-Year Check In / End of Year Wrap Up

• Expense Category Review and Appropriate Allocation

• Customized and Comprehensive Payroll Solutions

• Payroll Compliance

• Filing Payroll Tax Returns (Federal and State) and Submitting Payroll Tax

• Issuing Year-End Reporting such as W-2s and 1099s

• Gross Up Payroll

• Department of Labor and/or Payroll Audit Support

• Payroll Planning and Consultation

• General Payroll Services such as Direct Deposit, Paystubs and New Hire Reportings

• Analyzing Current Business Operations to Help Improve Efficiency and Reduce Taxes

• Establish and Incorporate Business Entities

• NYS LLC Publication Requirements

• Personal Financial Statements

• CPA Letter for Home Purchases

• Presentations for Tax Education Seminars and/or Join as a Guest Speaker

• Coordinating with Accountants in Japan for Japanese Tax Requirements

• Do you have any questions for us or services you are looking for?  

Tax & Accounting

Hara Yoshida Accounting serves as a foundation for business success, offering tax services, bookkeeping and payroll services to business owners so they can focus on what they do best. Our processes and procedures are unique to every business, because every client has a different situation and we work diligently to accommodate those varying needs.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

We are passionate about taxes and accounting and this passion shows. Easing the burden of taxes, payroll and accounting for business owners provides them the opportunity to thrive. The anxiety of new or prospective clients is quickly eased by our competent and confident team as the tax filing, bookkeeping and payroll for the business becomes expertly managed under the guidance of the HYA team. Partnering with Hara Yoshida Accounting frees business owners to focus their energies on running and growing their own business, serving their clients and doing what they do best.

Tax Expertise and Financial Insights for Native Japanese Speakers